About James Grant

James Grant is a well respected guitarist and composer who has worked with and is thought highly of by some of the best in West Coast music. He is dedicated and has devoted his life to composing and playing. As well as being a world-class guitarist, James is also an exceptional songwriter, and engineer as well.

He has two CD’s available, “Mythology” an all instrumental work and “Blues Mythology” (formerly called “Small Mercies “) his blues-rock CD with vocalist John Howard, drummer Frank Dato and keyboardist Dave Webb. James currently plays around the Southern California area with his band “Blues Mythology” and has shared the stage with artists like James Cotten, Dred Zeppelin, Gary Hoey, Steve Poland and Ohm, and Eric Sardinas.
James has had his compositions used in TV and video games.  James design’s his musical compositions (using state of the art software: eg: Cubase,  etc) like an architect would a house. As a world class Musician, he has won many awards for composing, live performances and recording. Not only does James play the  guitar with consummate ability, he also plays keyboards and programs other instruments with equal skill.
His latest project called ‘Mythology’, consists of original instrumental compositions, written and produced by himself. This newest album is a complex work of instruments arranged with a unique blend of artistry and technology.